Thoughts from the courts

A friend recently pointed out to me that Barristers spend the majority of their time studying and preparing for court, and a relatively small period of time in court. Shouldn’t the same apply to physiotherapy? Shouldn’t I spend more time learning and thinking rather than doing?

The problem is that I don’t think the world is quite ready to start paying for the time a therapsit spends preparing for his ‘case’. Which brings me to the point of this blog. If I promote myself well, provide a good service and increase revenue, then I may be able to buy myself the time I need to study and be better at the things I do.

So if you see me in one of the many coffee houses dotted around the Westminster area, perhaps stop and encourage a refill and a continuation of my contemplations. For who knows, perhaps oneday I might learn something that will be of use to you or someone you care about.

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