Chelsea’s John Terry – oh dear…

So it seems like Pimlico physiotherapy got it wrong. There I was waxing lyrical about the great management strategy Chelsea had for John Terry, based around a good biological understanding of the mechanisms contributing to poor old John’s leg pain, and no sooner is my electronic ink dry than I hear he is being whisked away to consult an ‘over-seas’ expert that I had previously derided! Apparently an Italian Chiropractor is the way forwards after all. If only I had known.

This puts me in mind of a time when I was working at QPR FC, where one of the players had some on-going hip issues, that were well known and ultimately manageable not curable. It turns out that someone higher up in the club had met an ‘expert’ that claimed to be able to cure this problem.

Next thing I know I am accompanying this player to see said expert where we endure a full 30-45 minutes hokum therapy, and leave, both of us, feeling slightly dazed and confused about what had just occurred, and equally, pretty much the same, if slightly tireder, than when we had entered.

That’s the trouble with experts. Everybody knows one, especially in a world like football. And when that someone is high up in the hierarchical foodchain, off the player goes whether everyone likes it or not.

By the way, if you want to spot a real expert, it’s easy. They are the ones you’ve never heard of and who don’t think they are.

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