Snow and strictly

I thought it was quite insightful of one of the judges of
strictly come dancing to compare the laborings of Ann Widdecombe to
our current weather conditions. ‘Like snow, its fun in the
beginning in the end you want it go away.’ quoth Len Goodman. He’s
right. The initial excitement that I felt over the weekend as snow
fell heavily and prettily has been tempered by the grey slush of
it’s present incarnation. In this business we are exposed to
seasonal injuries, and today I received my first snow injury. A
simple slip leading to a sprained wrist. Very soon I expect my
first skiing injury, and soon after the new year exercisers and
people upping their training for the London marathon will start to
limp through. It’s a calendar of pain and injury. Personally, as i
write this on the midwinter solstice, I can’t wait for the back
injuries of the first spring lawn mowing and the Wimbledon inspired
shoulder injuries of the summer! Happy Xmas to one and all Best
wishes Pimlico physiotherapy SW1 physio

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