Run and become……injured?

It’s that time again! Marathon feaver is upon us. The clinic is quite busy with injuries related to the first time marathon runner at present.

I am always interested in finding out what it is that has caused a previous recreational runner (5K once or twice a week) to up the ante and start knocking back the miles. During my initial interview, the first thing I quickly screen for is date of birth. Is there a significant birthday looming/just passed?

So the bad news is that because you are demanding more from your body, sometimes having given it quite a healthy period of time out, it’s highly likely that at some point you will exceed your capacity to cope, i.e. you will get some aches and pains. The good news is that you are not a washing machine – you are self-repairing given the right circumstances. Hooray!

So here is some unusual advice for you first time marathoners. Boosting recovery and avoiding injury can be boiled down to 3 simple facts. Be fit, happy and healthy. So as you drag your tired, aching body around the streets of this beautiful city, don’t forget to lift your eyes from the grey road in front and marvel at this rich tapestry of life that is London. Perhaps even smile. After all, it’s good for the sole(s)!

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